Vows to Remember: How To Write the Perfect Wedding Vows

couple sharing vows after writing wedding vows

The power of words is not to be underestimated, particularly when they’re your wedding vows. So, how can you pen the perfect promises to your partner, capturing all your feelings, hopes, and dreams in just a few short sentences? 

If you’re taking on the challenge of writing wedding vows that are uniquely yours, read on for help with finding the right words to say on your day of days.

Why Your Vows Matter

Your wedding vows are the most intimate and meaningful words you’ll ever say to your partner. They’re a reflection of your love, commitment, and hopes for the future together. In that sense, they’re not just mere words but a solemn promise that will guide your journey through life as a married couple. So, it goes without saying that your vows carry a lot of weight and should be written with care, thoughtfulness, and sincerity.

Getting Started

Writing your wedding vows can seem like a daunting task at first. Where do you begin? How do you capture all those precious moments and emotions in just a few short sentences? The key is to start by reflecting on your memories together as a couple. What moments stand out? What qualities do you most admire in your partner? These memories and reflections will serve as the foundation for your vows.

Communicating How You Feel

Your wedding vows should convey how you feel about your partner and what they mean to you. This is an opportunity to express your love, admiration, and appreciation in a way that’s uniquely yours.

Consider incorporating personal touches and inside jokes that only the two of you would understand. This will not only add a special touch to your vows but also serve as a reminder of your shared experiences. Think of your vows as a personal love letter to your spouse-to-be with all the quirks and humor that make your relationship special.

Getting Inspired for Writing Your Vows

Writing your wedding vows doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. Your vows don’t have to be 100% unique and never before said. If you’re looking to get some inspiration, you may want to turn to literature, poetry, or even shared interests. Incorporating cultural or religious elements can also add depth and meaning to your vows.

Things to Avoid When Writing Wedding Vows

While it’s essential to know what to include in your wedding vows, it’s equally crucial to be aware of what to avoid. Here are a few things to steer clear of:

  1. Generic Phrases: Phrases like “I’ll always love you” are heartfelt but lack specificity. Instead, focus on unique promises that are particular to your relationship.
  2. Clichés: Try to avoid clichés such as “You complete me” or “You’re my everything”. While they may be true, they’ve been overused and don’t add a personal touch to your vows.
  3. Lengthy Proses: While it’s tempting to express your love in elaborate and poetic language, remember that simplicity is key. Aim for clarity and brevity in your vows.
  4. Negative Stories or Experiences: Your wedding vows should be a positive and uplifting tribute to your partner. Avoid any negative stories or experiences.
  5. Private Matters: While it’s important to be authentic and open in your vows, some things are better kept private. Be mindful of the audience and avoid sharing excessively intimate details.

How to Structure Your Vows

When it comes to structuring your vows, there’s no one-size-fits-all formula. However, here are a few tips to help you create an outline:

  • Introduction: Start with a heartfelt opening that captures the essence of your relationship and sets the tone for your promises.
  • Promises: This is where you express your commitments and promises to your partner. Use specifics, such as “I promise to always support you in pursuing your dreams”.
  • Declarations: This is where you declare your love and appreciation for your partner. You can share stories or memories that showcase why you love them.
  • Conclusion: End with a final statement of commitment and love. You may also want to include a vow of fidelity here.

However you go about your structure, lead from the heart. Writing wedding vows is all about communicating what you feel in a way that feels normal and natural to you. 

3 Tips Before Your Big Day

Before you walk down the aisle and rehearse your vows, it’s a good idea to take a step back and review what you’ve written. Here are three tips to help you refine your vows:

  1. Edit, Edit, Edit: Don’t be afraid to edit out anything that doesn’t feel right or isn’t true to your relationship.
  2. Say It Out Loud: Reading your vows aloud will give you a better sense of how they’ll sound on the day. It will also help you identify any awkward phrases or confusing sentences.
  3. Rehearse: Practice makes perfect, even when it comes to saying your vows. Get comfortable with your words and delivery by rehearsing in front of a mirror or with a trusted friend.

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