The Ultimate Photo Checklist: Must-Have Shots for Your Destination Wedding

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Say “I do” to the perfect snapshot of your special day with our essential wedding photo shot list. This list is your ultimate guide to capturing every bliss-filled moment, every sparkling detail, and every stolen kiss. Not only will this list ensure you don’t miss a single unforgettable scene, but it will also free you to live in the moment, knowing that your photographer understands your vision

Pre-Wedding Moments

Before your wedding, there will be moments you want captured. These photos will become ones you will want to relive over and over again.

The Dress

The dress is one of the key elements of a wedding. It’s a symbol of love, beauty, and tradition. Not only have you spent hours trying on dress after dress to find the perfect one, but it will be the dress you say “I do” in! Make sure to add the dress to your shot list. Consider hanging it on a hanger, being zipped up by loved ones, and of course, on the bride.

Getting Ready: Groom Edition

Often, the groom’s getting ready photos are overlooked. Don’t let this be the case for your special day! This is a great opportunity to capture moments between the groom and his groomsmen as they help him get dressed and prepare for the big day.

Bride Getting Ready

While the bride is getting ready, there will be plenty of moments to capture. From the hair and makeup process to hanging out with bridesmaids, these photos will make you smile for years to come.

The First Look

A trend that has been gracing the Internet is the idea of capturing the bride and groom’s first look—before walking down the aisle. While this approach isn’t for everyone, it allows the bride and groom a more private opportunity to bask in the moment of the first look and shed some happy tears without the crowd.

Scenic Beauty on the Big Day

If your destination wedding is taking place somewhere with breathtaking views, take advantage of them! Pictures of the bride outside in her dress have to make your wedding photo shot list. These shots will be beautifully unique and capture the scenic beauty of the location you chose.

Ceremony Highlights

The ceremony is the heart of your special day. From saying “I do” to exchanging vows, these moments are ones you will remember forever. Make sure they are captured perfectly on camera.

Exchanging Vows

As the bride and groom exchange vows, make sure your photographer captures this intimate and heartfelt moment. These pictures will be treasured for life and allow you to relive those beautiful words spoken between you and your partner.

The Kiss

Seal the deal with a kiss! The first kiss as husband and wife is an unforgettable moment that needs to be on your shot list. Make sure your photographer captures this special moment from different angles to truly capture the love shared between the two of you. This picture will be sure to be an all-time favorite for years to come.

Post-Ceremony Photos

After the ceremony, you’ll want to capture memorable moments with your loved ones. Make sure to add these photos to your wedding photo shot list!

Group Shots

After the ceremony is the perfect time for group shots. Whether it’s a large family photo or intimate pictures with your closest friends.

Wedding Cake Details

The cake is not only a delicious treat for your guests, but it’s also a beautiful centerpiece. Make sure to have your photographer capture the details of your cake, from the intricate design to the first bite.

Small Decor and Location Details

Don’t forget about capturing the little details—it’s what makes your destination wedding unique! This could include small decorative elements or location-specific features that add personality and charm to your special day. These photos will add to the overall story of your wedding. Don’t miss it on your wedding photo shot list.

Memorable Departure Shots

The end of your wedding is just as important as the beginning because it’s the start of your life together. Whether you have a getaway car, a special exit, or simply walk off into the sunset, make sure to have your photographer capture this final moment of your wedding day.

Candid Photos

While it’s important to include specific shots on your wedding photo shot list, don’t forget about capturing candid moments throughout the day. These photos will truly show the love and emotion shared between you and your partner, as well as with your loved ones. Some of the most cherished photos are often those unexpected moments caught on camera.

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