What Factors Should You Consider When Choosing The Location For Your Destination Wedding?

Couple running after there destination wedding

Your partner got on their knee last night and you said yes. Now you get to say they are your “Fiancé!” So, what’s your next move? What type of wedding do you want? You know that you want a destination wedding, but where?

Deciding on destination wedding locations can feel a little overwhelming, but considering these aspects can help you be sure that you’re choosing the perfect place for the wedding of your dreams.

Channeling Your Vision

First, consider your vision. Have you always dreamt of your wedding being on the sandy beaches of Costa Rica or the Dominican Republic? Or perhaps you’ve imagined a wedding in a remote beautiful forest location.

Whatever the case, it’s important to stay true to your vision and find a place that aligns with it. The last thing you want is to be disappointed when you arrive at the venue because what you imagined in your head isn’t what ended up happening.

Staying in Budget

Another thing you want to keep in mind in your hunt for the perfect destination wedding locations is how budget-friendly specific areas are. You may want a beach wedding but a wedding in Costa Rica may fit the budget more than a wedding on the beach in Thailand—while still hitting the points you were looking for.

This one can be hard to figure out on your own so getting a professional will help you to check all the boxes and still remain within budget.

Ideal Weather

While you may not be able to control the weather, you can certainly find somewhere that has ideal weather for when you plan on getting hitched. Rainy season, hot and humid days, cold winter nights—all of these things should be taken into consideration when you are making your decision.

Ecological Events

It’s important to also consider potential ecological events that could interfere with your wedding day—things like hurricanes and typhoons. If the area you are looking at is prone to these types of weather events, then you may want to factor in a plan B or C for the wedding day or consider different destination wedding locations.

Local Holidays

Depending on the time of year, certain countries may be having local holidays—which could make it very difficult to book vendors and other services for your wedding. Be sure to research and ask locals about the specific date you are considering before you lock in that location.

What’s the Season?

Depending on the season you are getting married, certain regions may be more popular than others. Is it off-season or peak season? Will your guests be able to get flights at a certain time of the year? If it’s during peak season, when most people are taking their vacations, then you may find that the prices for airfare and accommodations have skyrocketed.

Marriage Requirements

Each country has different requirements for marriage—so make sure to research the location beforehand. Some may require blood tests, while others may have different laws and regulations that you need to follow for your marriage to be legally recognized.

All these rules can play a role in deciding destination wedding locations.

Destination Inspiration—Your Decision-Making Friends

If all these considerations feel like a tall order, getting help from destination wedding professionals is a great idea.

Destination Inspiration can guide you through your destination wedding process and even help you find the perfect place. With knowledge of country regulations, timing, and ideal locations, you can rest assured you are in good hands. Contact us today to get started on a beautiful destination wedding plan.

At the end of it all, this is your dream wedding and the place you decide should be a reflection of what makes the two of you unique. As long as it meets all your criteria, then it will surely be the best location for your special day!