Destination Wedding Planner vs Travel Agent: Who Should You Hire For Your Wedding

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So you’ve decided you will be having your wedding abroad—congrats! But now you need to decide who will help you bring your dream wedding to life. Should you hire a destination wedding planner or should you go with a traditional travel agent? Finding the right pick may feel like a hard decision. Let’s paint the picture for you so you can get an idea of what will be the best fit for you.

What You Could Have With a Travel Agent

With a travel agent, you can expect an individual that can help you book all your travel arrangements including flights, hotels, and transportation. A travel agent is great to have if a large part of the wedding planning includes coordinating travel logistics for you and your guests. Travel agents also often provide discounts on airfare and lodging so they could help you save money. When you book a travel agent, you get just that—travel options and travel help.

Get What You Really Want With a Destination Wedding Planner

Hiring a destination wedding planner will look a little different. Not only does your wedding planner know how to book the best flights and overcome travel obstacles, but they also know how to throw the perfect wedding abroad. Do you want the best florals but don’t know how to communicate with the locals? Your wedding planner has you covered. Do you need help finding the best venue? It’s a destination wedding planner’s forte.

The Right Choice for Your Destination Wedding

Ultimately, a travel agent is an excellent pick for just any vacation. But, your destination wedding is anything but a “normal vacation.” If you’re looking for the best destination wedding experience, then you should opt for a wedding planner that specializes in destination weddings. Whether your dream wedding is on the sandy beaches of Costa Rica or a mountain hilltop in France, you can set every worry aside and let the experts make your wedding a dream come true.

When Things Go Wrong

While all of us would love to believe that every wedding goes smoothly, the reality is that there are small snags in almost every wedding. With a travel agent, you won’t get too much help with those snags. Typically it’s just the shrug of a shoulder or, “That’s the tough part of destination weddings…” But, as we know, wedding planners work hard to make it right for you.

Destination Inspiration’s team of wedding planners worked hard for a recent Costa Rica wedding when a huge challenge came their way.

Over 10 guests were at the San Francisco airport waiting for a flight to Costa Rica when their flights were canceled due to bad weather. The flight that the airline wanted to give them would have had them arrive late for the wedding festivities—by 14 hours. But, with the help of Destination Inspiration, the guests were able to get rebooked on flights that got them to the festivities in time.

Every wedding won’t be picture-perfect, but Destination Inspiration makes hiccups along the road seem completely insignificant in the wedding process.

Destination Inspiration—Your Dream Team

Your destination wedding deserves more attention than just booked flights and hotels. With a destination wedding planner at Destination Inspiration, you can count on a fully immersive wedding experience. From visa planning, to travel experience, to finding the perfect venue and florals, to even handling any bumps in the road, Destination Inspiration has you covered. You can truly have a wedding planner experience—even abroad. With us, every detail will be taken care of.

So when you’re deciding who to hire for your destination wedding, don’t forget the value a wedding planner can bring to the table. It’s not just about coordinating flights and hotels—it’s about creating a dream experience that you and your guests will never forget! Contact us today to begin planning the wedding of your dreams.