Thinking Of Having A Destination Wedding? 6 Questions To Help You Decide

Beach on the indian ocean

Bring out the Pinterest boards—it’s wedding planning time! As you’ve been scrolling through beautiful pictures and scouring the internet for ideas, maybe you’re starting to think that your colors would match perfectly with a beach sunset or Italian winery.

Could a destination wedding be the solution for you? Before your future mother-in-law packs her swimsuit, there are a few questions you should ask yourself to make sure that a destination wedding is the right choice.

1. Are You Okay With a Smaller Group?

The nature of destination weddings means a more intimate and exclusive group. Not everyone will be willing to travel and your parents’ coworkers from the accounting division are unlikely to join you. If you were looking forward to connecting with old friends and meeting lots of people from your partner’s life, a destination wedding might not be for you.

But if the idea of celebrating with just a few of your favorite people makes you want to dig your passport out right now, you should definitely consider destination weddings.

2. Do You Want to Break the Mold of Traditional Weddings?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with going traditional—it’s all up to you, your future spouse, and what you are both looking for on your special day. If you want to think outside the box and create a unique experience, you’d do well with an all-inclusive destination wedding. But if there are very specific traditions you want to keep or you feel nervous about changing up the usual wedding format, then destination weddings might not be the best choice.

3. What’s Your Budget Like? Here’s a Secret: It Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

Most people assume that destination weddings are going to cost a fortune but in reality, they can be close to, or cheaper than your average celebration. Depending on what kind of party you might plan if you stay close to home, the bill could push $34,000—at least that was the average cost of weddings in 2021.

According to The Knot 2021 Real Weddings Study, the average price of a destination wedding was $32,700. Of course, these prices will vary based on where you go, how many people you invite, and so on but with the right planning, you can get your dream wedding and vacation for a price that works for you.

4. Are You Comfortable With Your Wedding Being Outside?

Doing a destination wedding doesn’t mean you’ll be on the beach or outside. But people usually choose a different location because of the natural beauty and scenery. No matter what destination you choose, there’s a good chance that your wedding will be under a clear blue sky or near an amazing body of water like the Mediterranean Sea.

If feeling the sunshine on your face as you exchange vows appeals to you, then an all-inclusive destination wedding might be sounding like the perfect choice right now.

5. Are You Prepared to Handle Logistics From Afar?

The further away your dream destination is, the more planning and communication will need to go into it. Depending on where you are in your planning process, this could mean researching travel visas, different local laws and customs, or trying to find the right vendors.

However, the right destination wedding planner will take care of those details for you, making your wedding planning as easy as getting a dinner party together.

6. Would You Want Your Wedding and Honeymoon to Be in the Same Place?

You don’t have to do this but one of the best perks of a destination wedding is that you can go straight into your honeymoon without having to travel. Instead of taking that redeye at midnight, you can just keep enjoying the sun and sand.

Stress-Free Planning With Destination Inspiration

When it comes to destination weddings, the possibilities are endless. You can create an experience that is perfect for your relationship and budget. If this sounds like your dream wedding, then start planning now! You’ll be saying “I do” in style under the stars or watching a breathtaking beach sunset before you know it.

Instead of your wedding being the most stressful day of your life, it should be the most beautiful and exciting. Nothing puts a damper on your celebration than feeling overwhelmed by venues, travel documents, and your future second cousin-in-law’s obscure food allergy. Let Destination Inspiration take care of the details so you can focus on your important day.

Let’s look through your Pinterest board together and plan your dream wedding! Book a free consultation to get started.