Behind The Scenes: Costa Rica Destination Wedding Spotlight

Couple at their destination wedding in Costa Rica

If you’ve decided on a destination wedding, you might not know where to start, or who to ask for help. You may think that calling a resort in Costa Rica may be the best option, but sometimes that’s not the case. Destination Inspiration is a destination wedding planning company with insights and processes for creating a beautiful destination wedding.

Here is a behind the scenes look into a recent Destination Inspiration wedding in Costa Rica—and why you should consider enlisting our help when it comes to your destination wedding.

Finding the Right Venue

If you call up a resort on your own, they will tell you how easy it is to book with them. In reality, it is often not that simple. Most of the time, they are hard to reach, unresponsive, and difficult to book with.

On the other hand, when you work with Destination Inspiration, we will do the leg work for you. We call several resorts. We will spend countless hours nailing down details and getting a list of comparisons to you—price points, atmosphere, guest counts—making destination wedding planning a breeze for you. When you decide on your venue, Destination Inspiration will make everything seamless. We will schedule hotel room blocks, florals, catering, and any other details on your mind.

And, if you like to have constant communication in your Costa Rica destination wedding process, Destination Inspiration has got you covered. We will give you the updates plus the ins and outs as regularly as you want to hear about it all.

Costa Rica Details

Our recent destination wedding took us to gorgeous Costa Rica where we were on the hunt for the perfect location. We scoped out 10 different resorts for our couple to choose from. Once our wonderful couple had the list of resorts to choose from, they were able to make a decision with all the knowledge at their fingertips.

After they decided on the resort they felt matched their wedding best, Destination Inspiration made a contract for them. Here our couple was able to discuss what they wanted, needed, and hoped for in their perfect Costa Rica destination wedding—destination wedding planning doesn’t have to be the headache it’s known to be.

What to Expect from Destination Inspiration

While a resort might offer a wedding package that includes some florals and a limited number of other items, Destination Inspiration will go above and beyond.

  • Need help with flights for you and your guests? Check.
  • Hotel reservations for the wedding party? Check.
  • Honeymoon suite? You got it.
  • You want welcome goodies for your guests? Triple check.
  • Clear communication throughout the destination wedding planning? Now we’re talking!

Destination Inspiration makes it so you can focus on what really matters—saying “I do” at the end of it all.

Costa Rica Wedding Weekend

We know your wedding weekend may likely be filled with more stress than normal. But, we had some tricks up our sleeve for the Costa Rica wedding that let our sweet couple’s stress fall to the wayside.

Welcome Party

When the guests arrived, we had the perfect party planned. Between music, food, and alcohol—we have you covered. We did whatever we needed to so that their Costa Rica destination wedding was exactly as they dreamed it to be!

Plan Rehearsal

Next, was the plans for the rehearsal. The scoped out spot, logistics, and everything in between. We introduced our couple to the hired photographer, as well as organized hair and makeup. With Destination Inspiration, your wedding weekend will be a breeze.

The Big Moment

There you are, walking barefoot down a sandy aisle as the waves crash against the shore. Your dress flutters in the slightest breeze. Flowers line the aisle. You look to the right and see your husband-to-be’s loved ones. You look to the left and see your family and friends. You glance up at your fiance and think, “This is everything I imagined it would be.”

Your magical moment will be everything you’ve dreamt it to be in the hands of Destination Inspiration. Careful destination wedding planning is what transformed the beach in Costa Rica from “just a beach” to a priceless memory. If you can dream it, we can achieve it.

Make it Happen With Destination Inspiration

If you’re looking to start planning your destination wedding, whether in Costa Rica or another location, it’s time to jump all in. Don’t settle for mediocre—create a memory you won’t ever forget. With Destination Inspiration, we are committed to creating the wedding of your dreams. Book your wedding today!

And, add Hoopes Events to your wedding planning for your destination wedding to make sure you get the most out of your experience. We look forward to helping you make your dreams come true.